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Uphóld Login is an online trading forum that allows individuals to safely move, hold, convert, and transact many types of assets. It provides 58 different Cryptocurrencies, four various kinds of metals, and 27 fiat currencies. The customers can fund their accounts using debit/credit cards, bank accounts, and other Crypto networks. They are also free to send and receive their funds to other people and trade more than 60 assets. When users want to sign up for Uphóld Login, they have to provide their legal name, dob, and contact number and verify themselves on Uphóld exchange. 


How to Sign-Up on Uphóld Login?

Use the step-by-step guide to complete the registration process on the Uphóld Login exchange. 

  • Begin with the process by visiting the Uphóld Login website.

  • Now, tap on the Sign-Up process.

  • And then, you are suggested to enter the following details on the first page. 

  • Your Email Address

  • Password

  • Country’s name

  • And Citizenship

  • Next, you are supposed to read and understand all the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy provided on that registration page.

  • After which, to proceed, you have to click on the Next button. 

  • On the other page, you have to submit your details, such as your lawful name and DOB, and enter a username.

  • Once you provide the details, you will get a Confirmation Email on your address from the company.

  • Then, you need to press the Get Started option.

  • You need to type your Contact Number to start the Two-Factor Authentication.

  • To proceed with the registration process, you have to download the Authy app.

  • After downloading it, you have to submit the same Contact Number that you have provided to Uphóld registration. 

  • Doing so will allow the Uphóld exchange to recognize your account. You need to input the Security Code on your registration page sent by the Authy app.

  • And that is how you have completed the whole sign-up process on Uphóld exchange. 


How to Sign In on Uphóld Login

To start the Sign-In procedure on Uphóld Login exchange, you must pay attention to the details highlighted here.

  • To commence the process, you need to go to the Uphóld Login page.

  • Secondly, you are required to click on the Sign-In option.

  • Furthermore, on that page, you are suggested to correctly type your Username or Email Address and Password. 

  • Moving ahead by clicking on the Eye-Shaped Icon to reexamine all your given details. 

  • And lastly, you have to press the Log-In button. 

  • After which, you will be connected to the Homepage, from where you can view and control any activity on your Uphóld account. 


How to Recover the Password on Uphóld Login?

If you encounter issues like password errors, you have to reset your password on your Uphóld Login account. So, grab these below-stated processes to retrieve your password. 

  • Firstly, you have to open the official webpage of Uphóld through Uphóld Login.

  • Then, you are required to click on the Forgot Your Password? Bar from the login page. 

  • Now, you must input your current Email Address in the provided box.

  • By doing so, you will get a Verification Mail on your provided email address.

  • You have to go to that mail and click on the link attested with it.

  • The moment you tap the link, you will be connected to the New Password Page.

  • On that page, you have to enter a New and Strong Password.

  • And at last, conclude the procure by clicking on the Confirm Password. 


How to Send Money on Uphóld Login?

To send money to your associated Uphóld Login account, you have to pay attention to the procedure mentioned below. 

  • Firstly, you need to Sign-In into your Uphóld Login account.

  • Then, you have to go to the Transact Panel that is attested at the end of your screen.

  • Moving ahead, you need to hit the From the bar.

  • Now, you must select any Funding Source and input the total quantity that you want to send. 

  • Next, you should go to the To option and select the recipient.

  • After which, you are advised to select the currency or asset that your friend receives.

  • To process, you need to tap on the Preview Send to inspect the details you submit.

  • After completing the validation, you ought to click on the Confirm tab.

  • Lastly, you need to input the six-digit code that you have received from the company.

  • Congratulations! You have successfully sent assets to your authorized Uphóld account. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it possible to sell XRP on Uphóld Login?

Yes, you can easily sell XRP on Uphóld Login exchange. It also allows its users to buy XPR from their Uphóld wallet. Not only XPR, but you can sell and buy any Cryptocurrency from the available list on the Uphóld exchange. 


How can I withdraw funds from Uphóld Login?

  • Open the Uphóld Login page.

  • Then, you have to Log-In into your associated Crypto account.

  • Now, choose your Cards and hit on the Withdraw option. 

  • Next, you have to add your Bank Account.

  • Type the quantity you wish to withdraw.

  • Lastly, press on the Confirm bar. 


How do I update my password on the Uphóld Login app?

  • Open the Uphóld Login web page.

  • Then, hit the More button.

  • Now, you are required to click on the Security option.

  • Next, go to the Security bar.

  • Moving ahead, press on the Change Password.

  • Rest, walk through the steps prompted on your screen.